eCommerce: Introduction

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Cenit processes Data as a JSON representation.

All communication within Cenit involves sending and/or requesting data objects.

In Cenit you are free to create any Object Type. But in particular, for eCommerce, we encourage the use of a set of Object types that are predefined and installed by default in the eCommerce tab.

Marketplace  <=> 3PL Integrations

These Object types cover most of the uses that commonly appear in e-commerce.

Then we are trying to map each storefront or marketplace with eCommerce models. Each time that we added a new third party service for Fulfillment, Accounting or Communication, its ready to create flow with any storefront or marketplace without any extra work.

Marketplace  <=> 3PL Integrations

All eCommerce Data has a well-defined JSON Schema.

  • Customer

  • Inventory

  • Order

  • Product

  • Shipment

In order to check the JSON Schema, go to the action Data Type.

Marketplace  <=> 3PL Integrations

That redirect to the corresponding Object Type:

Marketplace  <=> 3PL Integrations